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The restricted custody center is a privilege that inmates must earn by demonstrating good behavior and a willingness to make life changes for the future. Inmates are expected to adhere to all of the Restricted Custody Center policies and procedures at all times.

Policy & Procedural Rules at RCC
  1. Beds will be assigned and you are responsible for any art work or writing on your bunk area, which will lead to a write-up.
  2. There will be a standing head count announced one time on 2nd shift at the deputies discretion but inmates will be expected to stand by their bunks with their name cards in hand.
  3. Beds will be made every morning and all personal items will be stowed away in lockers before crews go out. Nothing shall be left out or in plain sight.
  4. It shall be the responsibility of each inmate to get up after called and to be ready for work prior to their work supervisor arriving at the facility.
  5. Lights out at 10 p.m. Sunday – Thursday and 11 p.m. on Friday & Saturday. Lights out means that all inmates are in their beds and the facility is quiet.
  6. Contact visits will be scheduled once a month for every inmate shortly after the facility opens.
  7. Any write-up at all will be turned into DOC and the inmate written up will be removed from the RCC at that time.
  8. Inmates will be granted access to the recreation area from 5 p.m. in the afternoon until 8 p.m. at night (Monday thru Friday) and from 8 a.m. in the morning until 11 p.m. at night on Saturday and Sunday. This will be a privilege that can be revoked at any time if contraband or behavior of inmates on the recreation area causes a problem for the facility.
  9. Commissary PAKS will be delivered twice during 2nd shift Monday thru Friday. On Saturday and Sunday commissary PAKS will be delivered to the RCC twice on 1st and 2nd shift.
  10. There will be no hanging of curtains or clothes lines in the RCC at all.
  11. No inmate shall step or reach over into the taped off area around the deputies desk.
  12. Inmates are not allowed to use or be in the conference room bathroom at all (except change out).
  13. All inmates must wear tops and bottoms at all times in the living areas due to classes and contact visits going on in the conference room.
  14. Inmates are not to set on any tables or stand in any chairs at the RCC.