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In 2011 The Victory Gardens Inc. started with a single garden and in 2015 they have 28 gardens and a 100 fruit tree orchard. The gardens are funded by local area churches and individuals who believe as we do at the detention facility that this community project is very important and does a great work.

The Victory Gardens Inc. is a non-profit entity that grows fruits &vegetables and then gives everything they raise away to those in the community that want fresh fruits & vegetables.

The non-profit partnered with the City of Marion who owned 42 acres within the city limits of Marion.  The Victory Gardens Inc. leased the ground from the city of Marion to raise the fruits and vegetables on. The city of Marion continually helps the Victory Gardens where they can.

The Crittenden County Jail partnered with the non-profit by allowing community inmates to help with the labor for the planting and harvesting of those fruits and vegetables.  Inmates work to plant the gardens and work all summer long keeping the gardens tilled and weeded. Inmates are the main labor force in the gardens and without the inmate labor the gardens would not flourish like they do.

Our inmate learn very important lessons while working in the gardens. The inmates learn how to grow their own vegetables. The inmates learn to work in a setting that is found in every city or county in the commonwealth such as nurseries, farmers markets and working on farms.

The Crittenden County Detention also shares in the fruits and vegetables grown by using them in the facilities kitchen which reduces the food cost for the facility.
Garden Crew