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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, no property can be mailed or brought in. This is for the protection of both the inmates and the staff. Sweats, undergarments, socks, and other necessities can be ordered from the commissary by the inmates from the kiosk in their cell and will be shipped to the facility directly from the commissary supplier. Photos may be mailed in but only a total of 15 photos are allowed in the cell at a time per inmate. Inmates may have another 15 photos sent in every 6 months to replace the pictures they have. Inmates that are sent more than 15 pictures will have those sent back to the sender. Any pictures that display revealing clothing or nudity will cause the entire package of photos to be returned to sender. Inmates attempting to get more than 15 pictures in by way of other inmates may lose the pictures they have in their cells for a period of one year.