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What is Parenting and Family Values?
Some parents lack a sense of what many people would consider basic parenting skills, but are capable of being good parents if they learn these skills. Through CCI we offer a cognitive behavioral program to help these parents overcome their struggles and succeed. This program is designed to help participants develop parenting skills and assess values related to family. Clients confront their parenting skills and habits, perform a clarification on their values regarding family, and establish appropriate discipline routines.
This is a 3 month long program and upon completion of the program 90 days is credited onto the Client's sentence.

Target Population:
Used for clients in any type of treatment, but most often with female offenders and others in need of parenting skills.

This Program is made up of 3 sections:

Section #1

  • Who is here?
  • Parenting
  • Values as a Parent
  • What do you value?

Section #2

  • Young Chlidren
  • Young Children 2
  • Children's Values
  • Children's Values 2
  • Coping with Children's Problems
  • The healthy family

Section #3

  • Adolescents & Teens
  • Problems in adolescents & teens
  • The healthy family