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Please address inmate mail as follows:

Inmates Name
208 W Carlisle St
Marion, Ky 42064

Mail Policy:

  • Absolutely NO unapproved inmate to inmate mail will be accepted.
  • Inmate mail forwarded by friends or family (not incarcerated) on behalf of another inmate will be returned.
  • You may send photo’s provided that they are no larger than a 4X6, do not contain inappropriate content, and are printed on photo paper only. Any photos printed on copy paper will be returned to sender or sent to the inmate’s property.
  • Newspaper subscriptions may be sent from the newspaper office to the facility in the inmate’s name.
  • No magazine subscriptions will be accepted.

You can now send messages, photos, and video messages. You will need to go to www.gettingout.com and set up an account. You will need to fund the account to use these services. If you wish, you may also place funds on the inmate’s account for these services.

Messages and photos are $ .25 and video messages are $ .35.