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What is Relapse Prevention?
Relapse Prevention is an evidence-based program that helps students avoid a relapse by recognizing risky situations, coping with urges and cravings, being around users, understanding support issues and taking charge. There are two books for this program to be completed, Thinking for Good and Staying Quit.
This is a 3 month long program and upon completion of the program 90 days is credited onto the Client's sentence.

Target Population:
Relapse prevention programming targets individuals who are active in substance abuse programs of any type and any setting. Relapse prevention actually is the primary goal of treatment, but focusing on relapse prevention issues should take place sometime after the client is engaged in treatment and is not actively using substances.

This program contains 2 books to complete the modules include:

  1. Staying Quit is the Problem
  2. Times I've thought about quitting
  3. 10 Good Things
  4. My Most Immediate Needs
  5. Drawing my 5 Needs
  6. Risks and Dangers
  7. Most Common Relapse Situations
  8. What are your Risks
  9. Circle of Choices
  10. Letting in the camel's head
  11. What will I lose
  12. Scripting changes and plans
  13. Counselor meeting
  14. Urges and cravings
  15. Habituation suggestions
  16. Scripting
  17. When Cravings and Urges Strike
  18. My plan for Cravings & Urges
  19. Suggestions from Counselor
  20. When Urges Strike
  21. Drawing my Urge Cycle
  22. What's My Plan
  23. Dealing with Users
  24. Being prepared to say No
  25. My favorite prayer/phrase
  26. Support, Friendship, Character
  27. Where are you on recovery
  28. Looking at your friends
  29. Character Issues
  30. Meeting with Counselor
  31. Staying Quit
  32. Endless Opportunities
  33. Program Ending