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Deposit Money

Commissary can be ordered at any time throughout the week however, deliveries are made on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The administrative office does not have a commissary price list but inmates can view prices on the phone unit in their cells.

If family would like to send food items to a loved one please see the link below.

As of June 15, 2014, families/friends have 3 options to make deposits to an inmates account.

1. Use cash or a credit/debit card at CCDC’s lobby kiosk.
2. Call 1-866-394-0490
3. Go online at www.mycarepack.com

The inmate’s booking number will be required.

Please note that if a debt is owed to the jail by the inmate, up to half of the deposit will be applied to that debt. If an inmate is caught having funds deposited to another inmate’s account to avoid paying debt, all involved accounts will be frozen for up to 30 days or the inmate will serve 45 days in disciplinary segregation housing.

If family or friends would like to purchase a meal from the Trinity Take Out menu for a loved one please see the link below.


Orders for the Trinity Take Out must be turned in by 10:00pm Central time on Monday to be delivered on Wednesday. If it is turned in after the cut off it will not come until the Wednesday of the next week.

Purchases will not be refunded in the event an order is placed but not delivered due to inmate transfer, release or disciplinary action.

All discrepancies must be reported/addressed by the inmate at the time of delivery with the staff.