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Job Description
Crittenden County Detention Center is accepting applications for the position of Deputy Jailer.  Employment as a Deputy Jailer can be stressful and at times become very physical. As required by the Department of Corrections, you will receive 40 hours of on the job training as well as online training to prepare you for this position. You must be at least 21 years of age to qualify for a deputy position.

Job Benefits

  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Vacation
  • Sick Leave
  • Holiday pay
  • County Retirement
  • Uniforms and duty gear provided

Work Schedule
We have 3, 8 hour shifts (1st, 2nd & 3rd) working 8 hr shifts.  1st shift hours are 8am to 4pm, 2nd shift hours 4pm to 12am and 3rd shift hours 12am to 8am. 
Salary Range
Starting pay is $13.50 an hour and after 6 months of employment, you will receive a 5% increase to $14.18 an hour.

Job Duties

  • Providing security for the jail - Performing scheduled and impromptu security checks, conducting cell and inmate searches, and preventing inmate escape.
  • Maintaining inmate safety - Observing inmates behavior and physical appearance, and controlling inmate movement.
  • Enforcing state laws and jail policies - Writing reports, giving verbal directives, and using physical force when required.
  • Transporting/escorting inmates - Applying restraining devices securely and driving transport vehicles during transports and custody exchanges.
  • Qualifying with various weapons - Complete certification course with the Glock model 22 pistol. Experience firsthand the effects of OC Pepper spray, and the X26 Taser.
  • Physical altercations - Use confrontational avoidance techniques, tactical communications, tools and tactics, self-defense techniques. and controlled force.